Theory of Change


In Keiskammahoek:

  • there is high unemployment

  • there is over reliance on social grants


  • there are fertile soils

  • there is high rainfall


Therefore if we:

  • source funding for farmers to get into essential oils agriculture

  • provide training so that farmers implement good farming practices that are good for the environment while maintaining soil nutrients

  • providing access to farming implements

  • providing business management training


We will help to:

  • create jobs for the unemployed, especially youth and other low skilled labour

  • create sustainable farming businesses owned and managed by rural farmers


Which will result in:

  • predictable and stable income for families in Keiskammahoek

  • sustainable rural businesses

Creating a Sustainable Business

Our model is geared to supporting emerging farmers by mentoring and positioning new farmers to establish scalable and sustainable businesses.

The farmers whom we are working with are able to take care of their families, and contribute to both community development and the local economy.

The essential oils industry has the potential to create much-needed employment and independent businesses through our out-grower model, which has been successfully piloted in our hub over the last number of years.  Our responsibility is to ensure that we continue to play a meaningful role in facilitating the entry of new emerging farmers into the essential oils industry, and thereby building a robust platform to the accelerate growth and sustainability of essential oils agriculture, both in the Eastern Cape Province and the country as a whole.